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Workshop days seem to be getting more and more popular. Often someone gives a voucher for the day and then comes along as the plus one to join in the fun.

When my husband is home (married 50 years now and still speaking) he finishes off the lunch which I have prepared earlier. Not a cuppa soup or a tired sandwich in sight. We lunch well (usually a baked spud, casserole, or salads and cold collation, and wine is always offered - and often drunk.

Coffee first thing when we discuss designs (nice warm chocolate croissants) and tea whilst the work is in the tumbler, polishing away (cake or bikkies).

Last weeks guests managed, amongst the fun and laughter (and quite a lot of learning) to repurpose a treasured, but knackered bracelet. And made earrings and rings to boot. I am always pretty exhausted at the end of the day. Its sometimes difficult to rein my guests back and not simply go on and on making into the evening.

But life has been so very busy. After breaking my hip (loose gravel on a downward slope and a long ambulance wait, and then the heartbreak of losing junior dog, Bindy, to an adder bite, I became swamped with exhibiting and selling. Happily my hip healed extremely quickly and I was back on parade within a fortnight (somewhat tentatively) but my heart seems refuses to heal. I miss Bindy constantly. She inhabited my workroom when I was smithing and was my shadow during non working life. RIP my gorgeous pup. The only up side is that Dazzle, Bindy's mum, gets all the attention nowadays.

And now Christmas is almost upon us and I am, happily, completing orders for lovely Christmas gifts. I do try and keep a good stock as, although I am always happy to jump into action and make a piece as quickly as is needed, I am limited by the efficiency of the Assay Office and the current problems with the Royal Mail. BUT no disappointments so far.

So let me know if you need any Christmas gifts and, more importantly, compliments of the season to you all.

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