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So much in the world today seems to make me feel really stupid

I usually start the day by reading a newspaper (on my iPad which makes me feel very with it). However, lately I rather dread waking up to today's world. The news is so very unsettling, violent and often Machiavellian.

There is so much I simply don't understand. Those of you who have met me in real life know that I am a fairly elderly, comfortably furnished, basically run of the mill lady. Reasonably educated, devoted to family and dogs and open to new ideas, thoughts and ways of the world.

What I cannot understand is why there is so much disharmony. Why so many people want to change, not just themselves, but everything around them. Isn't it simpler just to be aware of those around us. Try not to 'frighten the horses'. And simply just be nice to everyone until they do something which you really cannot accept - then simply keep out of their way?

Thank goodness I found silversmithing. This, together with dogs and family, give me a safe haven. My bench has enough room for both dogs to curl up and snore at my feel whilst I work and, daily, I count my blessings.

I am trying to include a few new designs in my collect. This is one I came up with, as a commission, last week.

Its less than a month now until 'Desire' at Chelsea Old Town Hall. So I am the point where I have to work out ow much, and which stock, I need to have ready, shiny and priced up.

If you would like a ticket for this show, mail me and I will see what I can do.

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