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Late in my life I became fascinated with working with silver. I was introduced to a fantastic Silversmith, not too far away from my home, who taught and inspired me until he decided to retire. What to do?? Easy. Start my own studio.


Great fun setting it up and it took time to gather all the essentials needed.  And now, here I am. Happy in my little studio, two dogs, two dog baskets, radio and heater keeping me company and making the sort of silver I love.


Keep it simple. Oh, how difficult this can be. But silver is such a tactile, fresh, clean medium, why would I want to take away from its fantastic gleam and appearance, and the way it brightens our lives – and indeed our complexions? My aim is to produce pieces that are flattering to the wearer.  


Jewellery, in order to flatter, has to fit.  A fact often overlooked. The ring must be comfortable. The bangle must not slip off, the necklace has to be the right length for the right outfit, the earrings must flatter and enhance.  And above all, jewellery should compliment, not overpower, the wearer.


So we come full circle. Keep it simple. The simplest of my designs are often the most flattering.

How lucky am I?  I found something that I love to do, making glorious pieces of jewellery and gifts that people love to buy.  And I continue to learn.

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