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Good thing we are all different

If we all liked, wanted, did the same thing we would all want to be married to the same person, own the same stuff, work and play in the same place.

So its important to celebrate variety.

It is one of the up sides of the workshop days here. I get to meet such a broad variety of people and never, once, has anyone been horrid or difficult to work with.

Some are skilled, handy, quick to learn. Some clumsy, muddled and absolutely unaware of what is going on. It doesn't matter because in my workshop there is no right or wrong - just different. Of course I have to be very careful to ensure everything is safe. Annealed silver will give you a dreadful burn if not quenched - but it is up to me to be watchful so we all

part on good, healthy, undamaged terms. Taking home something really beautiful.

There are those who have to do EVERYTHING themselves. Some who are quite happy for me to step in if it gets in the slightest bit testing.

It doesn't matter. The workshops are fun, informative and we all, all of us, get a great deal out of it. Especially if we don't take ourselves too seriously.

Rather like life really

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