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SOMETHING A LITTLE EXTRA - and then a bit of a moan


A fresh slant on a design for a special customer who wanted the double ring earrings,

but with a little gold glitz. Took these along to a Charity Lunch - the wonderful Olivia Hodson Cancer Fund ( where Christiane - who runs this fantastic charity - had invited me to sell and help boost proceeds for the Trust. The most poignant aspect of this amazing charity is that little Olivia, who lost her brave battle against cancer at only four years of age, would still be alive today had the research which this charity funds, happened years earlier. Such huge advances have been made that GOSH would have been able to treat Olivia successfully. Contact Christiane if you feel you would like to support this charity in any way.


Maybe this is a strange image for a blog on a Silversmith's work, but I cannot let a bit of a blip in my life, as an ordinary person and as someone who loves working with silver, pass without comment.

Two weeks ago, en route to a fabulous party in a local vineyard, I skidded on newly laid damp gravel, shot into the air, landed with a thump and bust my hip.

Only a two hour wait for the ambulance!! cold and raining but hey not too long and the lovely local Princess Royal Hospital managed to operate the next day so now I have a shiney new hip. (Thank you all the fantastic overworked, under-appreciated staff involved).

Home on crutches just 3 days after the op and my plea, to all of you out there, is please, please redesign crutches. Here are the parameters

  1. Omit the sensor which forces current design crutches to disappear immediately they are set down.

  2. Provide some sort of gizmo so that when you put the crutches down the actually stay in a position where you can retrieve them - ie. not scattered on the floor just out of reach

  3. Invent a design where one is able to actually walk on crutches and carry a drink and a plate from A to B. (If you lose your legs and have to use crutches you lose your arms)

  4. Invent some sort of engineering so that one can fold the crutches during a journey, or whilst in a restaurant, or simply so they don't take up too much space

  5. How about some sort of cavity within the crutches with a lovely silver straw so you can sip whilst you limp (come to think of it, the cavity should be large enough for an ice cold diet coke.

  6. What about a mobile phone/ipad attachment pad (even velcro would help)

So all in all, I am not impressed with the current design. But at least, due to my irritation with said crutches, I am now well on the way to being able to discard them - that is if I have not, by the time I end this blog - actually lost them.

Sadly, due to the above, I have had to pull out of Forest Row Market today. Oh well, I hope they will welcome me again soon.

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