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There is a wonderful organisation called The Charity Fairs Association which, for years, has been running to boost charities.

Its a siple concept. At a Christmas, or any other time of the year Fair, the exhibition is run, usually by a little committee. Members of the CFA have access to this valuable private list of venues. One applies to exhibit (these fairs have hundreds of applicants wanting to exhibit). If you are successful, you trundle along and set out your wares. Its not very cheap to attend cos you have to pay about £75 (depending on the venue) and give a raffle prize and 10% of your takings to the relevant charity. BUT it is a wonderful way to SHOP AND GIVE.

Sadly, the organisers are usually inundated with exhibitors selling jewellery and silver. It saddens me that some of these companies are selling goods from abroad, rather than supporting British made and truly craftsman produced work. But I have been to some lovely fairs over the years.

This is a typical layout for my 'stand'. Recently, at Cranleigh School, we were fed coffee, tea and very delicious croissants throughout. But this year I intend having an OPEN DAY at my studio. So come along and let me know what you like and what you love.

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Nov 23, 2022

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