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All sold out!!!!

After a fantastic four days at RHS Hyde, at the Craft in Focus show, I am totally out of my heavier weight bangles. So I have set too and am pausing, just for a bite of lunch, from a mammoth bangle making session.

I had hoped to get at least a dozen off to Assay tonight ready for Standen House and Garden, near Forest Row, on Saturday and Sunday. But the Post Office (Strike) have foiled my plans. Oh well. I will at least be able to display these bangles, but customers would have to wait for Assay to mark them prior to actually delivering them.

This is what my bangles look like prior to pickling and polishing. It always amazes me that when they have been pickled and polished that they look so absolutely fab..

Customers, please remember that anything bought from me can be returned (with a SAE) for a FREE POLISH and reshape. Don't forget!!!! If you live locally just phone me and I will put the kettle on so we can have a chat whilst polishing happens.

I do miss my lovely home, husband, family dogs whilst I am away and always worry that the garden will be forgotten. So I left watering cans strategically placed this time and returned to discover that the planter outside our front door (my studio is on our house) looks fresh and vibrant. It has flowered for months now. That's what I call real value for money.

Embarrassingly I am a hopeless gardener so when something does actually stay alive, I get uber-excited.

You probably know that silver cannot legally be sold without an Assay Mark if it weighs more than 7.78 gms. I often leave pieces under this weight un-marked because most of my customers prefer to save the cost of assay on these less pricey pieces. It is getting more and more expensive to have work assayed nowadays.

Back to the studio now to replenish my stock of earrings and rings - they will not be sent to Assay as the Post Office are 'off games'. I am not going to rant about the government. I will just immerse myself in working with silver. It is a real joy.

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