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Having a piece of silver or gold made specifically, just for you or to give as a gift, is very special.  Interpreting your idea and making a unique piece is a privilege.


A customer came to me with a very worn gold wedding ring.  So worn that it looked like a strip of disintegrating lace. She asked me if I could melt the gold down and use it as a nugget on a ring. Of course I could, but instead I added support by backing the scraps of the original gold wedding ring with a fine strip of silver – and she had her beloved wedding ring back.


This is a picture of my ‘take’ on the Burgee of a yacht club. One of the flag officers was due to have a special birthday, so I made cufflinks, unique and instantly recognisable as the burgee, for a birthday present.


GOLD: Most of the items on my website can be made for you in Gold Vermeil (silver coated with 18 carat gold), 9 carat gold or 18 carat gold.Just ask.


My ability to produce something extra special for you is, within reason, only limited by your imagination. Phone me if you'd like to chat about a very special gift.

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