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Fairly exhausted, in a good way, after spending two days at Standen House and Garden near Forest Row in Sussex.

This two day Arts and Crafts fair is held annually in the totally gorgeous gardens of the Arts and Crafts house. Last year I didn't get a moment to sneak away and explore this stunning house. This weekend I grabbed the chance for a quick tour. Get to Standen if you have a spare day. It is a National Trust property, beautifully preserved and stuffed with wonderful features. But the stars of this place are the 'family atmosphere' of the house. It oozes warmth, happiness, family life - and the wonderfulness of the many volunteers. A bunch of helpful, smiley, knowledgeable people whose only wish is to help visitors and preserve the life, atmosphere and fabric of this venue.

The fair was set out in 'bring your own' marquees on the two lawns. Goose Green, very near the house, and 'The Croquet Lawn' (or crochet lawn as one elderly gentleman thought it was called). Visitors from all over the world who had come to visit the gardens were a little surprised to find a full on craft show - More advertising next year I think, but for me, plenty of visitors and lots of opportunity to chat and learn

It always worries me to leave my dogs for too many hours - next year they will come along and help me so you can meet them.

You probably know that my maxim, in making silver, is "KEEP IT SIMPLE" If am aware that the simplest of designs are the most popular. The designs where the way my work is planished (beaten) to enable it to reflect the light and bounce it back onto the wearer, are the most popular. These little square earrings are, really, the only ones I wear. Maybe that is because I am not a confident dresser, or maybe because I simply cannot find any I actually prefer and that seem to suit me as well. I think they are, probably the most popular item I have on my website. Because they are available in gold, gold vermeil or silver, and in various sizes, they are an easy gift to give. Prettily packaged and reasonably priced they seem to solve many a 'what shall I give her' problem.

I have a bit of a break now in my exhibiting schedule and am still awaiting news on whether or not there is space for me at some really lovely, but over subscribed venues in southern England So please watch the website for where to find me.

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