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Back from the Assay Office and all polished and checked.

I am very pleased with the little ring, bottom left, which is new on the block. Its difficult for me to stock enough rings as, obviously, unless they are part of my 'adjustable' collection, so many sizes are needed. But this one, and the top right one seem to walk off my stand very quickly.

Trying to stock a range to suit various price points is a bit of a challenge now that silver, and gold, are (like oil) simply escalating in price. Apart from the metal, the packaging, solder, labels - absolutely everything, surprises me nowadays when I come to reorder. So I simply try and devalue my time. Having the luxury of working from a studio in my own home, no staff, no travelling to work on a daily basis, I can ignore my accountants advice and charge myself out at an even more reasonable rate.

But next weekend I will be at Hyde Hall. I quite like staying away from home for a few days - but I so miss my girls. On this subject, may I introduce Dazzle and Bindy? They spend a great deal of time on their beds under my workbench in my studio so no need for heating or warm slippers!. I usually ban them when I am doing a workshop as they tend to distract attention away from being careful with

the tools, work, blow torch, hammer etc and it is essential to bear the dreaded elf-n-safety in mind. I think I will speak more of my girls as I get used to this 'blogging' thing.

But for a kick off. Dazzle (red collar, now 5,) is a typical black lab. Kind, sensible, desperate to please. I think that she would do the ironing for me given half a chance. Bindy, Dazzle's daughter' is nearly 2 and she is a laugh a minute. She knows that I belong to her !!! (definitely not vice versa) and can see no reason why she has to be more than an inch away from me at any time. The photo was taken last year when we could afford heating!

So leaving these girls in the care of my husband, or daughter number one, is probably the only caveat in my enjoyment of exhibiting at the lovely shows I attend.

Do come along to Hyde Hall, the gorgeous National Trust House and Garden near Chelmsford, Essex next weekend. Bring a photo of your dog and make me jealous!

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